My dog manages to be both introverted like me, and a total social animal out in the world. He's currently in a love-relationship with a German shepherd puppy mix. He's only 15 months old, too, whereas I've tried dating humans on and off for over 10 years. It's pathetic. » 12/19/14 9:23pm Yesterday 9:23pm

It's going to vary widely by location, but not all PPs carry all the above methods of birth control. I ran into this last year when my area PP didn't carry the NuvaRing simply because of its cost. I'm in the southern US, however, and this particular Planned Parenthood has a lot of uninsured patients. » 12/19/14 2:52pm Yesterday 2:52pm

My brother used to date/sleep with much younger women. A bigger gap in his case - he was in his 30s and they were usually around 20-22. Before this he dated a few women his own age, but they would wise up to his alcoholism and dump him. He really liked a couple of them, so this hurt him to the point that he chose only… » 12/17/14 5:57pm Wednesday 5:57pm

I had an argument with my mom about the Cosby cases. She also thinks the women are making it up for fame (uh, dubious, and also: yeah RIGHT). In her case, I'm thinking she's Not Like Those Women. I don't think she's realized yet that not believing women would mean that her workplace sexual harassment might not have… » 12/17/14 12:20pm Wednesday 12:20pm

I'm not big on eye makeup, so I wash mine after using them on special occasions (read: 4-6 times a year). I do replace mascara more frequently, though. I'd be lazy, except that I've had a couple styes in my life and a chalazion - look that fun thing up! - so I'm much more concerned about eye infections, growths and… » 12/16/14 9:35pm Tuesday 9:35pm

I'm a kid of "old" parents (by 1970s standards - they were 36, for god's sake! It kills me now that my friends' parents were 20, 21, 25, and so on when they were born, and only in their 40s when they had first grandkids in one case). While I had my (very good) father until age 30, and he was young by our family's… » 12/15/14 10:10pm Monday 10:10pm

I've had mostly grown men ask to touch my curly hair. At least they're asking rather than grabbing, which is a big plus. Apparently I give off a big "fuck you" vibe. still makes me think of that X-Files episode "Irresistible," where the villain is always obsessed with women's hair. » 12/14/14 10:30pm Sunday 10:30pm

I'm so sorry. I was 30 when I lost my dad, and a lot of things changed, e.g. I to this day check up on my mom via phone once a week. After my dad's funeral we took a trip to the beach for a fews days, and it was nice break after his awful last days. I don't know your situation, so I don't know if it would help your… » 12/13/14 9:14pm 12/13/14 9:14pm

I once got a message from somebody who thought I was another <pretty common woman's name>. She had this entire alternate history for me, including childhood friends, getting Popsicles from x place, playing with x people. It was intriguing! I did have to send her the "sorry, no" message, alas. » 12/13/14 8:25pm 12/13/14 8:25pm

I have a friend who is routinely mistaken for a very young (teen) mom and gets side eye and dirty looks when she's out with her 3 boys - ages 11, 8, and 6. She is 38, but except for some facial lines, doesn't look too different than she did in high school (she's also only 5 feet tall, which I think is mistaken for… » 12/13/14 1:46pm 12/13/14 1:46pm

I'm mealy-mouthed about it. I have blonde highlights, so my "blonde" was only natural during my childhood. Since my real hair is dishwater blonde/light brown, increasingly gray-streaked, and quite curly, it all sort of blends together and the highlighting is easily disguised. I'm honest if I just had it dyed and… » 12/11/14 5:53pm 12/11/14 5:53pm