Yeah, I think “wanting a child” is all the reason you need. And of course providing you’re fertile, conceiving biologically is the easiest way to ‘get’ children. But now I notice every time somebody says “the need to pass on my genes,” there are always assumptions there to unpack, as though every kind of child,… » 4/25/15 6:02pm Saturday 6:02pm

Yeah. My mother got asked out on a date about 11 months after my dad died, and turned the guy down because she considered herself still in mourning (apparently, she wasn’t that interested). It didn’t freak me out, because she didn’t go on said date, but it caught me off guard. Now it makes me laugh, because of course… » 4/24/15 7:31pm Friday 7:31pm

I have family who lived through that particular part of 1960s culture, and Mad Men definitely gets strong reactions, I’ve noticed. My mother liked the show well enough, but watching the office stuff was tough for her because it was so exactly like the sexual harassment she got all the time. My aunt won’t watch it -… » 4/23/15 3:04pm Thursday 3:04pm

For what’s it’s worth, I spent my 20s struggling over this while having a job that was inoffensive but not exactly what I wanted to do forever. I had a hazy idea of what I wanted to do eventually, but it took a couple of false starts to get there. I am much happier in my 30s and stopped worrying about what I was… » 4/19/15 11:30pm 4/19/15 11:30pm

Same for me. 15-year-old me would only be shocked that I don't live in a big city anymore - she'd have wanted to stay there forever - but she'd be happy and equally shocked at how much my teenage skin, hair, face and social skills have improved. There was no place to go but up, lol. » 4/17/15 9:26am 4/17/15 9:26am

Huh. I had decent fact-based sex ed circa 1990, but I got a lot of screwed-up messages at home about premarital sex and pregnancy. This did not make me think that sex was suddenly normal and healthy when I got old enough to snap my fingers and find a husband to produce "moral," "non-disastrous" babies with. It took me… » 4/16/15 10:20pm 4/16/15 10:20pm