I hate the thought of the indifferent parenting a lot of children got pre-artificial contraception, when people just had babies because it was a byproduct of sex, and nobody worried much about how they were raised. BUT, I can see how that line of thinking is so much easier on mothers, especially. All this choice about… » 9/18/14 9:55pm Yesterday 9:55pm

Sorry. I've noticed that anytime somebody makes a throwaway comment about motherhood, even joking about it, there's ALWAYS somebody asking "why'd you have kids then?" Or, "why did you marry your spouse?" or, "why did you do that?" I came across it once on the article about back to school shopping, and a commenter… » 9/18/14 3:10pm Yesterday 3:10pm

Same for me. I've also gotten OkC messages from (young) 20-somethings looking for 18-22 year-olds. I'm 38, so the odds are bad that I and a 19 or 20-year-old would have anything to talk about, but I guess we're supposed to be fuckable to each other. It's hard for me not to think of my 16-year-old nephew when I get a… » 9/17/14 6:02pm Wednesday 6:02pm

I fantasize about sex with imaginary guys, but I'm always a different person in my fantasies - someone who's hot and can fuck strangers. I'm not me, really. I've come a long way in that I can at least fantasize about real men I'm attracted to and imagine they want me the way I am. It's something, even if it's unreal. » 9/16/14 8:42pm Tuesday 8:42pm

While I do shudder at the line, "sex is like pizza: even the bad stuff is pretty good," I like the fact that I can't think of a way to make pizza "used." You know, like the sex as used car thing. Or chewed-up gum. What about eating "too much" pizza - bad for your health? Makes you unattractive? It's not nearly as… » 9/16/14 5:00pm Tuesday 5:00pm

Big pumpkin pie fan, but I tried pumpkin-flavored ale last week, and it's strange, to say the least. Like you say, it's not pumpkin flavor, it's pumpkin plus nutmeg, cinnamon, allspice and molasses, brewed with a beer. It even leaves the same aftertaste as my homemade pumpkin pie does. Surely there are other ways to… » 9/15/14 10:53pm Monday 10:53pm